Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We're Still Alive

It's been pretty darn close to a year since I updated, and I suppose it's time I stop sitting around being selfish and start sharing Owen's hilarity with all of you again.

Let me tell you, having a nearly two year old is... interesting. He's my best buddy in the whole world, but I also spend a good deal of my day thinking, "Why the hell would you do that? What is going on in your crazy little toddler brain."

At least with his new vocabulary I'm finally getting a little insight into what makes my son tick.

Owen took forever to talk, but within the last month or so he finally got to that 'language explosion' I have heard so much about. Now, he parrots just about everything we say. And everything Dora the Explorer says. And Team UmiZoomi taught him how to count, somehow, so good on them.

He can also tell me what he wants to eat/ drink now, which is helpful until he decides all he wants for supper is 'COOKIE! COOKIE!'

Since I don't plan on telling you every single story from the past year, I guess I'll just give you some recent highlights so we can get this thing back on track. How's that sound? Alright, then.

He loves Rick Grimes, just like Mommy. Well, maybe not JUST like Mommy does. 

I'm sure you'll all be happy to know he continues to torture poor Rupp. Rupp continues to not bite Owen, even though he probably deserves it sometimes.

Someday I will have my revenge.

We recently had a super-fun trip to the ER because Owen couldn't kick a bad ear infection. He hated everyone initially during the visit (including us) until the nice nurses pumped him full of popsicles and Sprite. 

Don't even think about giving me any actual medicine.

Our current favorite Owen-isms:

"Goggles!" (Anything he holds up to his eyes becomes 'goggles.' This includes bath toys, his hands, Daddy's glasses, toy dinosaurs...)

"Mo, man!" (When asked what Swiper says.)

"Dad-ma!" (When he's too lazy to say both Daddy and Momma, he just combines them.)

"Hat!" (Everything he puts on his/your/my head becomes a hat. And don't you dare take off that 'hat' or he will yell.)

"Buppies!" (This means he wants to watch Bubble Guppies. Usually at a time when the Bubble Guppies aren't on. A simple "The Guppies are asleep, Owen," usually gets the job done, though.)

Really, he's just kind of hilarious right now. It's hard to remember everything I should have been posting here over the past months (oops), but at least we're caught up now, right?


A year's difference :)