Saturday, January 7, 2012

Party Time! Excellent!

Today was Owen's birthday party. Going into it, I was ridiculously stressed. I had a million ideas of things I wanted to do, but when this morning rolled around and it came time to execute them I suddenly became apathetic to 90% of them.

We got to the church, threw up some balloons and scattered some confetti and called it a day.

Check out the ridiculously adorable cakes that our friend (and my former teacher) made:

 After we made it through appetizers and whatnot, it was time to see how Owen would react to his smash cake. I went back and forth for a while deciding how to clothe him for the cake. Bib over clothes? Take his shirt off? Diaper only?

We eventually decided on diaper only (Trashy? Possibly. Practical? Absolutely.), and boy were we glad we did. Owen demolished the cake. Demolished might even be an understatement.

Digging in

Owen takes cake smashing seriously.

Ok, so now we have this chocolate-covered baby. What do you do with a chocolate-covered baby, you ask?

Hell if I know.

We still have to open presents. We can't just leave him like that. Is there a hose around here or something? 

We decided on the sink.

Very funny, guys.

Once we got him (mostly) clean, we moved on to presents. Between Christmas and his birthday, I'm pretty sure there are no toys left that Owen does not have. Our living room looks like Toys R Us.

My favorite gift he received was a rocking horse. The rocking horse was mine when I was Owen's age. My mom had her friend restore it for Owen and it turned out beautifully. He loves it and has already figured out how it works.


After presents, well... There wasn't really anything to do after that, so we cleaned up. My family is the best (no, seriously) and all chipped in and helped us get everything picked up.

He even helped clean up!

All-in-all, a huge success!


  1. So cute! Glad you had a great time! And I totally agree.. Olivia's is next weekend, and I went from wanting to do a million cute things to the basics :)

  2. So cute! Happy Birthday Owen! That rocking chair was such a sweet idea!


  3. too cute! Thanks for the updates! Gonna do the same when we start having kids ! :)

  4. Aww. I love the rocking horse. And I can totally see the "Really?!" expression in the sink pic! :-P

  5. Awesome pictures of him with that cake! My son was so dainty with his, I was annoyed =)